Atlanta Home Inspection Prep and Common Issues


Atlanta Home Inspection Preparation

What can sellers do to improve the outcome?

a. Prepare the interior of the home as though it is still on the market.

The buyer may accompany the inspector and should see the home at its showing best.
b. Make sure all areas are accessible including crawl space and outbuildings
c. Leave all utilities on including gas, water, electric
d. Move boxes to the center of garage and basement to expose interior walls
e. Provide a written history of your home's maintenance and upgrades

What is the Due Diligence option in the Georgia Purchase and Sale Contract?

The due diligence paragraph is provided to give purchasers time to investigate the property

they want to buy during a specific time period. The buyer is permitted to reject the property

during this period for any reason whatsoever. Buyers can conduct a variety of inspections

during this time.

What areas of the home are examined by inspectors?

Structural components, siding, electrical, wiring, installations, projected life analysis,

mold, radon, termite, system operations, pool components, deferred maintenance,

safety violations, roof, drainage, windows, doors, chimneys, porches, decks, crawl spaces,

foundations, trees.    

Who supervises and conducts the inspection?

Inspections are conducted by home inspectors (generalists) and/or those who have

advanced skills in a specific category. These inspectors are usually accompanied by

the buyer and the buyer’s agent. Buyers should always accompany the inspector to

learn about the operational aspects of the home and its systems.

Who pays for the home inspection?

The purchaser

Who selects the home inspector(s)?

The purchaser will select the home inspection professionals that are a good fit for the

particular home and areas of concern. The buyer agent may supply a list of firms with

skills in specific areas of concern, or generalists who are known for quality service.

How do inspections impact the purchase and sale contract?

The Georgia contract permits the buyer to request defect resolution or to cancel the

contract when issues of concern cannot be remedied. Alternatively, the sales price may

be lowered to offset the cost of repairs or other financial remedies may be offered, such

as increasing the seller contribution to closing costs. Of course, the seller  can opt to do

nothing and let the contract terminate if no agreement can be made. 

What is the difference in an FHA appraisal vs a home inspection?

The FHA appraisal is a valuation of the home's value to provide security for a mortgage.

However, there are certain details of the home’s physical condition which must be met as

well in order to secure the financing and these are actually evaluated by the appraiser.

The normal home inspection is much more detailed and analytical.  



                                               Pre-Inspection Readiness 

Dead trees on property
Large depressions in yard
Firewood is stacked near the home
Bushes touching the sides of the home
A/C compressor is not level
Deck railings are loose or missing
Deck balusters more than 4 inches apart

Deck supports that are failing

Deck supports that are inadequate

Deck supports not set in concrete

Deck steps that are broken

Wrought iron railings are rusted

Front steps have separated from home

Front steps have sunk into the ground

Exterior faucets are dripping

Exterior faucets do not work

Rusting, sagging gutters

Door locks are difficult

Window seals are broken,windows are fogged

Internal plumbing is polybutylene

Window locks and latches are broken

Sliding glass doors seal is broken

Gutters filled with debris

Downspouts are disconnected

Rotten door thresholds

Rotten trim molding around doors/windows
Bay window bottom is rotten
Brick mold is deteriorated
Brick siding has missing concrete
Drains are not directed away from home
Exterior yard drains are stopped up
Water is standing in the yard
Septic system is over 18 years old
Septic drain lines are not working
Septic tank is inadequately sized 
Septic tank has not been cleaned out
Sewer line is near tree roots,
has been breached
Tub overflow drain does not work
Whirlpool tub does not work
Counter top is damaged

Oven door does not latch for self-cleaning
Cook top is not vented
Stair railings are loose

Sink drains are cracked

Attic does not have necessary firestops

Attic HVAC conduit is separated in areas
Tile floors are cracked

Drains under sinks leak

Hot water heater leaks

Faulty tot water heater pressure relief valve 

Open flame hot water heater is not elevated
Dryer is not vented outside
Tub shower leaks at wall

Toilets rock – flange is possibly cracked

Toilet is leaking underneath
Toilets run when flushed

Exhaust fans are missing or do not work

Sink or rub stoppers are broken or missing

Heated floors do not heat

Heated towel racks do not heat

GFCI is missing or broken
 (kitchen, garage, outside, baths)

Screens are torn
Exterior lights do not work
Glass windows at base of staircase
or adjacent to doors are not tempered

Interior doors drag

Gas fireplace lighter does not work
Chimney damper is broken
Firebrick surround is cracked
Chimney flue has not been cleaned,
has a dangerous buildup

Ceiling stains and damage are not repaired
Floors are not level
Hardwood floors at entries are water damaged

Hardwood floors are scratched
Interior walls are cracked

Interior walls are damaged

Home and/or trim need paint
Soffits need paint
Soffits are water damaged
Joints need caulk
Nail indentations in siding need caulk
Roof boots are cracked
Skylights are leaking
Shingles have lost their coating
Roof ridge vent baffle is missing or
constructed incorrectly
Valley flashing is missing


Crawl space is locked
Crawl space is damp
Crawl space has no plastic barrier
Crawl space isn’t vented
Wiring is not attached
Wiring is spliced
Garage doors do not fit, seal is incomplete
Garage door panels are broken or rotten
Garage doors missing electric eye
Garage doors do not open/close normally
Driveway is cracked 

Less than 6 inches between earth to
wood contact on home's exterior

Wood siding is damaged
Door trim is pet damaged
Cedar siding is warped or broken
Chimney siding has failed
Compressed wood/paper siding is rotten
Tree limbs are touching the roof
Chimney is sloped
Roof intersections are not flashed 
Chimney cap is rusted and leaking
Shingles are missing or loose

External water line is polybutylene

Microwave does not work

Microwave fan does not work
Cooktop does not work
Stove top is not vented
Oven does not work
Door thresholds are rotten
Carpet is damaged or worn
Interior doors do not latch

Pet odor is obvious
Mildew condition in home
Mold condition in home
Home has insect infestation
Smoke detectors don’t work

Carbon monoxide detectors don’t work

HVAC filters are dirty

Heat exchanger shows excessive rust

Ductwork is filled with dirt
Asbestos wrap around ducts is frayed or torn


Attic does not have necessary firestops

Attic HVAC conduit is separated in areas  

Attic is missing supports

Attic is not vented adequately

Attic wiring is missing junction boxes

Attic has inadequate insulation

Attic interior roof shows water stains
Roof fan does not work
Garage insulation is paper side down
Squirrels/wild animals have entered the home
Insulation in attic shows animal droppings
Attic pulldown is not secured correctly
A/C does not cool to required differential
A/C overflow pan is rusted
A/C overflow line is stopped up

Electric outlets do not work
Electric outlets are not grounded
Light fixtures do not work
Ceiling fans do not work off switch

Electric panel is not labeled

Electric panel has empty slots

Electric panel has been recalled

A/C is overamped



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